Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs & Starters 

Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs & Starters

Here at Litelec, we are able to provide a range of different fluorescent tube light bulbs and starters. Many businesses now use these tube lights for a wide range of uses. These include office or building lighting and in household lighting as well. We stock a wide range of different tubes with different wattages to suit any lighting situation. We stock straight and circular fluorescent tubes of different lengths and wattages, blacklight UV tubes which can be used in a variety of ways including use in Night clubs to create a different atmosphere to check money for fraudulent notes. We also stock a number of germicidal tubes which kills germs on objects and hard surfaces quickly and even UV circular tubes to be used for killing insects. Whatever the task we are sure to have the right Fluorescent tube bulbs for the job.We also stock a range of starters to suit a variety of fluorescent tubes.

Fluorescent tubes work differently from ordinary incandescent bulbs in that they do not have a filament but instead contain a mercury vapour that when ionized produces an ultraviolet light. This ultraviolet light then produces particles which glow and cover the inside of the tube, thus creating light. All fluorescent tubes are energy efficient with the average life of most tubes being around 10,000 hours. They have a various amount of uses depending on the tubes. If you are unable to find a tube that suits your needs, just ask us via email or phone and one of our friendly team will try to help as best as possible.

Here at Litelec we provide only the best quality items at competitive prices. We also provide great service and we always try to deliver orders as quickly as possible. Usually within three working days. We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount and we believe that once you have used us, you will do so again and again.

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With a purchasing power in excess of £70,000,000, we are able to buy the best quality light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and fittings at amazingly low prices which allows us to offer discounts of upto 89%!!

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Litelec will never accept lower quality specs just to keep prices low. We know that a good deal on a product is only worth having if the quality is high.

Our range of lighting products
As well as the Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs you can see on this page, we also stock a massive range of over 2000 lighting products, available ex-stock.



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