Metal Halide, Sodium, Mercury lamps

Here at Litelec we stock a range of Metal Halide, Sodium and Mercury light bulbs. These types of bulbs are different than standard ones in that they emit light from plasma rather than a traditional filament. These efficient and long lasting bulbs work better than standard lights. We are able to offer a range of Metal halide, sodium and mercury bulbs in a variety of different watts and a variety of different colours as well.

The mercury bulbs are similar to fluorescent tubes except they are in the bulb shape. They are often referred to as MBFU lights. They are commonly used in industrial settings such as floodlighting for warehouses, car parks and shops etc and also outdoors like road lighting or lighting up residential areas.

Sodium bulbs offer the same sort of attributes as mercury bulbs. They have long lives and are very cost and energy efficient. They emit a yellowish light so are ideally used in situations where colour of the light being produced does not need to be a purer white. They are also fantastic for use in enhancing plant growth.

Metal Halide light bulbs are similar in that they are highly efficient, bright and long lasting. They are used in a variety of situations like the other two types of bulbs. Most often in outdoor settings like street lighting or industrial uses like in industrial settings like shops or warehouses.

If you are unable to find the Bulbs that you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to enquire. Contact us via Email or phone and we will try and find what you require. Here at Litelec we know that customer satisfaction is important and we want to keep your custom with us long term. We aim to deliver your order to you as soon as possible. We will try to deliver your order within three working days. We believe that you will be satisfied with us and your product and will want to use us again and again.

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With a negotiating power in excess of £70,000,000, we can purchase the highest specification lamps, light fittings and electrical fittings at bargain basement prices which allows us to give you discounts as high as 89%!!

Unbeatable quality:
Litelec will never offer lower quality specs just to keep prices low. We are conscious that a cheap price on a product is only worth having if the quality is high.

Massive range of light bulbs, lamps and fittings:
As well as the Discharge light bulbs you can see on this page, can also provide a wide range in excess of 2000 lamps and light bulbs, all in stock and.



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