LED Lamps and Fittings 

LED Lamps and Fittings

Modern day lighting is now dominated by the use of LEDs. LEDs or light emitting diodes are bunched together in lamps to emit light. These lights are amazing in that they provide such good light but requiring so much less energy than standard halogen bulbs. LED lighting is best energy and cost saving way to light your home or your business. They produce a great amount of light compared to heat. Normal incandescent lights usually produce around 20% light to 80% heat. LED bulbs produce around 80% light to 20% heat on average which makes them extremely energy efficient.

LED lights are a very fashionable decorative piece in modern homes or apartments. And work well in many situations. They are long life and low heat. Also have a low power consumption which makes them a fantastic indoor lighting product. LED lights are now beginning to become popular in businesses. This is because that they are very energy efficient and so when used in large quantities will save lots of money. Also due to their long lives it means they are more reliable. This will reduce the costs of maintaining and replacing the lights. Traffic lights are a prime example of this in that they need to be reliable to keep roads safe, and with the amount of traffic lights that there are it costs lots of money to look after them all and change the bulbs when needed. Therefore if you use LEDs in situations where you have large quantities of bulbs i.e. in offices or other large buildings, LED Lights will dramatically reduce your long term costs.

We here at Litelec are able to provide you with a range of LED lamps that will suit your needs, whether they are business or domestic. If you are unable to find the LED light that you are looking for. Then don’t hesitate to enquire. Simply contact us via email or phone and we will happily see if we have what you want in stock. Our LED GU10 lamps are a simple way of saving money; they will replace your standard Incandescent bulbs and will start saving you money and energy.



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